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Experience & Reliability

Our teams of vocalists and musicians are the best services available, having performed at over a thousand weddings, experienced in delivering top quality entertainment. Our portfolio of corporate clients trust us to deliver only the highest standards at high profile events such as awards ceremonies, festivals and live productions.

Professional Musicians

Our musicians are leading performers in the music industry and are recognized for their virtuosic abilities in performance. They have performed alongside international stars Jacky Cheung, Elton John, Sandy Lam, Sally Yeh, Lee Hom, Gigi Leung, Stephanie Sun, Angelica Lee, Charlie Yeung and many more.

Unique music concepts

Other than being able to perform across genres and styles, we have also formed unique bands and concepts which are not available elsewhere. For the full list of music concepts and boutique bands we have developed, please visit here.

Music composition and arrangements

Let our composers help you with composing or arranging your own song. Our composers have written for bands as large as a big band to a full orchestra, and have written for some of the biggest names in the pop industry. Let us know if you would like to have a personalized song and we could help you put it together.

Sing with us

Should you feel like singing or performing on your big day, let us know and we could help you put it together. Even celebrities have engaged us to accompany them sing on their big days.

Sound Systems & Lightings

We're guilty of splurging a lifetime's worth of savings on one too many fantastic BOSE L1-Series speakers and lighting equipment! So if you need affordable AVL support for your wedding, ask about our exclusive packages. You'll be glad you did.

Pick the Perfect Wedding Band

We would love to talk to you about any projects you have so contact us for a non-obligational meet-up.